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Sergio Luján Mora

Catedrático de Universidad

Bridging the Gaps between Technology and Engineering Education

Myriam Peñafiel, Rosa Navarrete, Sergio Luján-Mora, Juan Zaldumbide
International Journal of Engineering Education (IJEE), 34(5), p. 1479-1494, 2018. ISSN: 0949-149X.
(IJEE'18a) Revista / Journal


The great technological development in which we are immersed has changed the scenarios, tools and forms of learning. In the light of those challenges, engineers must be able to develop new skills and abilities to face them, through planned technical pedagogical training that allows them to link technology with engineering education. As a result of previous research, the need for a link between technology and education in engineering was evident, as was the need for training in platforms for the creation of virtual learning spaces. To this end, the proposal was applied to a case study involving a group of engineering educators from the Escuela Politécnica Nacional de Quito. This research aims to present the results of the implementation of a training programme for engineering educators to improve their competence in new technologies and the teaching design methodologies applied to the design of online learning environments for engineering. To achieve this goal, the training included a framework based on pedagogical foundations, instructional and learning strategies, online learning technologies and good practices of engineering design activities, as well as a Learning Management System (LMS) platform adopted by the institution. The results of the implementation of this pedagogical technical training strategy show that 92% of engineering educators confirmed that the proposed framework helped them to develop online courses. In addition, 83% of engineering educators confirmed that the training course in the LMS tool was useful. Additionally, it was confirmed, with an acceptance of more than 90%, that the inclusion of the recommendations for the design of the engineering activities was relevant. These results confirm the adaptability of engineering teachers to the application of new technologies and methodologies, and will enable the production of better qualified engineers to pursue this profession and face future challenges.