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Sergio Luján Mora

Catedrático de Universidad

Internationalization of Higher Education: A Case Study of Leonardo da Vinci Project

Elzbieta Milosz, Marek Milosz, Jean-Michel Adam, Sergio Luján-Mora, Nada Trunk Sirca
Proceedings of the Management, Knowledge and Learning International Conference 2012 (MakeLearn 2012), p. 851-858, Celje (Slovenia), June 20-22 June 2012. ISBN 978-961-6813-09-9.
(MakeLearn'12) Congreso internacional / International conference


The results of the project Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO Mobility titled "The internationalization of education in WSPA" implemented at the College of Business and Administration in Lublin (WSPA) are presented in this paper. The project aimed to develop a strategy for the foreign students’ education in WSPA and the activation of the academic community to transform WSPA in a multicultural university, opened to the education of students of different nationalities with different cultural backgrounds. During this project the participants have acquired knowledge of other European Union universities experiences in these fields. This knowledge has helped to formulate guidelines for internationalization of education in WSPA as a roadmap.