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Sergio Luján Mora

Catedrático de Universidad

Lifecycle for MOOC Development and Management

Sandra Sanchez-Gordon, Sergio Luján-Mora
In Ricardo Queirós (Ed.), Emerging Trends, Techniques, and Tools for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Management, p. 24-48 (chapter 2), Hershey, PA: IGI Global. ISBN: 9781522550112.
(MOOC'18) Capítulo de libro / Book chapter


Massive open online courses (MOOC) are online courses in which there are no requirements for students to enroll and that have the capacity to serve thousands or even hundreds of thousands of students simultaneously. MOOCs are complex to develop due to their dual nature: on the one hand, they are an educational product; on the other hand, they are a software product hosted on a web platform. Due to the novelty of MOOCs, there is a lack of proven methodologies for their development. In this chapter, the authors propose a lifecycle for the development and management of MOOCs that allows educators to focus on teaching, interaction with their students, and other elements indispensable for the success of the learning experience. The proposed lifecycle includes three stages: development, management, and improvement of the MOOC.