Sergio Luján Mora

Profesor Titular de Universidad

A Survey of Use of Weblogs in Education

Sergio Luján-Mora
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Multimedia and Information and Communication Technologies in Education (m-ICTE 2006), p. 255-259: Formatex, Seville (Spain), November 22-25 2006. ISBN: 978-84-690-2469-8.
(mICTE'06) Congreso internacional / International conference


Using weblogs (or blogs) for courses, as an enhancement to the traditional class or for a fully online course, is becoming more and more important and popular. In this paper, we describe the technology behind weblogs, we present the basic functionality of weblogs, and we discuss the different roles weblogs can play in teaching and learning: instructor blogs and student blogs. From the instructor’s point of view, a blog can be used to share knowledge, to provide instructions for students (course announcements, tips, and resources), to publish a list of annotated links, and to review and check students’ work. From the student’s point of view, a blog can be used as a groupwork tool, to share course related resources, and to submit assignments and home work. Blogs can help to change the academic discourse and to achieve a real student centred learning. Finally, we also present some case studies of use of weblog.