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Sergio Luján Mora

Catedrático de Universidad

Sustainable Teaching and Learning through a Mobile Application: A Case Study

Santiago Criollo-C, Erick Altamirano-Suarez, Lucía Jaramillo-Villacís, Kevin Vidal-Pacheco, Andrea Guerrero-Arias, Sergio Luján-Mora
Sustainability, 14(11), p. 1-17, 2022. ISSN: 2071-1050.
(SUSTAIN'22b) Revista / Journal


Currently, mobile devices are widely used as a support in education for teaching and learning of multiple academic subjects. An example of this is educational mobile applications, which in recent years have been massively developed and have generated multiple downloads for use in the classroom. Despite their features and benefits, the use of mobile devices such as smartphones is not usually allowed in classrooms due to the distraction they can generate. This paper aims to evidence the use of mobile devices in education and why it should be used as a support in the educational model. To do this, it is proposed to compare two teaching-learning methodologies and identify whether the use of mobile applications can influence the specific education of an engineering subject. The methodologies were tested in the classroom, focusing on IP addressing and network numbering systems, with two groups of students: an experimental group and a control group. At the end of the experiment, their performance was evaluated using a questionnaire. The answers of this questionnaire were subjected to an analysis of variance (ANOVA) and hypotheses were proposed to identify whether the use of a mobile application used as a support in the educational model has benefits in learning. The results indicate that educational mobile applications can be helpful in the teaching-learning process and at present, education can benefit from the use of this innovative learning methodology.