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Sergio Luján Mora

Catedrático de Universidad

A SWOT analysis of bring your own devices in mobile learning

Santiago Criollo-C, Sergio Luján-Mora
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference Mobile Learning 2018, p. 148-152, Lisbon (Portugal), April 14-16 2018. ISBN: 978-989-8533-76-0.
(ML'18) Congreso internacional / International conference


In current education there is a trend called bring your own devices (BYOD), this refers to the policy of use of resources that allows students to bring their own mobile device to use in the classroom. BYOD allows students and educators to take advantage of technological tools to improve learning and instruction. Mobile devices in a BYOD environment provide educational experiences beyond the boundaries of a classroom. This trend was born in companies, where their employees are allowed to take to their workplaces personal property devices such as: laptops, tablets and smartphones. This generated several disadvantages and problems related to the security of the information. In education, many teachers and parents consider that mobile devices are a tool only for communication and entertainment and would become a distraction in the classroom. As noted, although technology and especially mobile devices have enormous potential to be used in education, there are also several factors that could limit their adoption. This article makes use of the literature review to perform a SWOT analysis of the use of BYOD in m-learning.