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Sergio Luján Mora

Catedrático de Universidad

A Taxonomic Class Modeling Methodology for Object-Oriented Analysis

Il-Yeol Song, Kurt Yano, Juan Trujillo, Sergio Luján-Mora
Eighth CAiSE/IFIP8.1 International Workshop on Evaluation of Modeling Methods in Systems Analysis and Design (EMMSAD'03), p. 19-28, Velden (Austria), June 16-17 2003.
(EMMSAD'2003) Congreso internacional / International conference


An object-oriented analysis requires the identification of domain classes. Discovering a set of domain classes in a problem domain is intellectually challenging and time-consuming for novice analyzers. In this paper, we present a taxonomic class modeling (TCM) methodology that can be used for object-oriented analysis in business applications. In our approach, we synthesize several different class modeling techniques under one framework. Our framework integrates the noun analysis method, class categories, English sentence structures, and other heuristic rules for modeling. Our methodology allows us to discover classes represented by nouns in the requirement specifications, to find classes whose concepts were represented by verb phrases, and to discover hidden classes that were not explicitly stated in the problem statement. We illustrate our approach using a detailed case study. Our experience shows that our method is effective in identifying classes for many object-oriented applications.