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Sergio Luján Mora

Catedrático de Universidad

Tourist Recommendation Systems: solving mobility in a private vehicle with support for parking

Maritzol Tenemaza, Roger Laza, Jonathan Vargas, Sergio Luján-Mora
In Isabel L. Nunes (Ed.), Human Factors and Systems Interaction: AHFE Open Access, p. 150-158. ISBN: 978-1-958651-60-5.
(AHFE'23) Capítulo de libro / Book chapter


A tourist who visits a city in a very short time needs to visit the most important Points of Interest (POIs) they can be identified by relating them to the interests of the user, or they can choose the best POIs according to a specific requirement. Additionally, when the tourist arrives in a city or place given the distance from one POI to another, they could decide in real time to visit the city on foot or by private vehicle, among other alternatives; then, when they arrive at a certain POI, they need to identify parking spaces where they can leave the vehicle as long as there are parking spaces available and the cost of leaving the vehicle in that parking lot is known. To solve this problem, in this document, an application is presented, a tourist recommendation system that infers in real time the tourist’s interests by analyzing feelings about phrases inherent to images of tourist interest from the Facebook social network. With this information, the best POIs to visit are identified. In a complementary way, the tourist is shown the option to choose the POIs most visited by other tourists. To improve the proposal, the Tourist Recommendation System (TRS) offers the user two possibilities to generate the routes, they can choose to visit the chosen POIs on foot or by private vehicle; this change can be done in real time. Furthermore, when the tourist makes a stop during their visit, they can search for nearby parking lots, and from the chosen parking lot they can verify whether or not there is space available and the cost of said parking lot. With this contribution, tourists will have a TRS, which, in addition to identifying their interests, to choose the best POIs to visit from a list presented. And additionally, it solves the parking search problem, making the tourist reduce time when parking their vehicle.