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Sergio Luján Mora

Catedrático de Universidad

The use of LA to evaluate the performance of students with visual disabilities when applying accessibility criteria in online courses

Diego Buenaño-Fernández, Tania Acosta, Sergio Luján-Mora
Proceedings of the 1st Latin American Workshop on Learning Analytics (LALA), p. 194-203, Guayaquil (Ecuador), July 9-10.
(LALA'18) Congreso internacional / International conference


The inclusion of accessibility criteria in the digital educational resources does not guarantee the learning of people with some type of disability. In the literature analyzed, it is possible to identify several works related to accessibility and usability issues in educational environments, especially applied to massive open online courses (MOOC). However, there is little research related to the level of learning achieved by people with some type of disability when faced with online courses. The objective of the innovative proposal that will be developed in this paper is to go beyond evaluating only compliance with the accessibility standards established for websites or virtual learning environments. This paper proposes to apply techniques and tools of web analysis to evaluate the learning routes of courses that include or not include accessibility criteria. This evaluation will allow us to detect potentially dangerous points in the learning routes that students follow. These potentially dangerous points may be related to several factors of instructional design of online courses, however, in this work we will focus on evaluating accessibility criteria for people with visual disability.